The 5 Day Black & White Challenge

new york city street black & white photography

I’m not a Facebook junkie. In fact for the most part I keep away from Facebook just from the fear of being sucked into its perilous addiction. However, I got trapped in the 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge that made its round.

I guess the intent was for friends to encourage other friends to share something artistic. And for some reason, Black & White Photography is distinguishably artistic (compared to color photography)!


So after waiting for weeks till the holidays I got onto it and worked through hundreds of black and white images in my archive to select those special 5. I was amazed that I remember exactly the story behind each and every image I selected!

Its been years since I shot them, mostly in New York City, but as I flicked through all those memories came rushing back to me. Like the image of the Empire Building photographed with two kids in the foreground – I waited for an hour for them to settle down and stop talking and jumping around. I was sitting about 5 feet from them on the floor and after a while they started to ignore me.

Or the story of Erica from the 5th Avenue when I photographed Mario and Laila. The love they showed was deep and unforgettable. She got Everything is Beautiful tattooed on her chest and she meant it heart & soul!

There are so many things that Ive probably forgotten, but the ones that remained with me have meant so much. I often look back to those days with fondness and hope that someday again I will walk the streets of New York City with me camera.

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