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floral fine art abstract photography

More Abstract Floral Fine Art

The Fine Art Floral Photos are a series of abstract flower pictures from various seasons done over a period of a few …

Beautiful Fishing Piers of North Carolina

North Carolina Fishing Piers

The Atlantic Coast of North Carolina is home of some of the most beautiful man made fishing piers, making them a great …

20070930-_DSC5389 Candid Couple Portrait in San Francisco

Candid Couple in San Francisco

Street photography & candid portraits have been a favorite photography subject of mine for as long as I can remember. I loved …

Fine Art & Luxury Photography by Ranjay Mitra

Two Lights Coastal Panorama

Browse the Nature & Landscape Art Photography Portfolio on the Shop Artwork page. Buy professional nature, landscape and artistic landmark prints on …

20070303-dsc_0940 Crab Spider

Crab Spider inside a Flower

Macro photographers are well aware of the crab spider. They remain within flowers and can leave bad swell with their sting. This …


Buy Prints Artwork & Home Decor

Select from a wide variety of images ranging from pristine landscape, rocky coasts to beautiful cities. All images are presented and printed …


February 2015 Photo of the Month

I have just published the February 2015 Photo of the Month. Shot in beautiful White Mountains in New Hampshire, it captures the …

Faces of New York City

Having wandered through New York City for years, I met several interesting faces. When I look back into my archives of New …

Intimate Street Photography

Street photography is intense. To me, it is very personal and the moments caught in that fraction of a second is very …

photographing in black and white

Seeing in Black & White

There are some scenes that I cannot imagine in color. The only way in which the moment appeals to me is if …

Summer in Maine

Summer is back in Maine

After months of moving back and forth, between clouds, rain and occasional sun, we may finally have summer back in Maine.

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