ranjaymitra_profile_nI am a freelance photographer, traveler & an enthusiastic blogger. I also consider myself as a free thinker and an artist.

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I am an avid photographer, picked up the art from my father who used to delve into photography occasionally using his medium format bellow camera. I learned to love black and white since I was a kid.

So when I grew up and had some money to buy a camera, I got myself a Nikon. Over the last several decades I have not changed my camera but I have matured in style. And I have matured in spirit as a photographer.

Nowadays if I am not teaching photography, I do avant-garde fashion, beauty & character portraits, landscapes and street photography. Quite a contrast you would think. I think so too. And it probably reflects who I am deep inside and how my emotions play within me.

If you wish to hire me for photography please reach out to me.

I blog extensively. I used to do this professionally (it means I used to get paid for my content writing abilities) but lately I am spending less time on this. I blog about open source photography software and tools that help amateur & advanced photographers improve their photography skills.

I also blog about small businesses and how small business owners can make the most of technology to grow and monetize their businesses more efficiently.

I am also a business marketing consultant helping small business owners setup and run an online business using small business technologies and email marketing.

If you need assistance with your small & home business, feel free to contact me.

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