Isolated Lives in Street Photography

You might think that street photography is all about busy streets, graffiti, tattooed faces and charming women. Well, its all that and much more. I often look for isolated life in busy cities.

While from a distance cities like New York seem so bustling with people, if you look close enough you will find a lot of isolations. The subways, back streets, parks and even in very touristy places like the Times Square are extremely populated and very isolated at the same time.

Sounds poetic maybe but here are some street photography from New York City that sort of gives you the idea.

I think bigger the city, the more isolated people are. Ive seen much smaller towns with just a handful of people and yet there seems to be an unseen bond between them. New York City is so much of a combination of contradictions in this respect. Its busy style tries to hide the isolation that exist between people and lives.


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