Breaking the Rule of Thirds, Again at the Pemaquid Lighthouse

Pemaquid Lighthouse in Black & White in Snow

The more I teach photography and its basic rules the more I am compelled to experiment with breaking them. The most interesting being the Rule of Thirds.

This rule works brilliantly in most situations however when it comes to clouds, I have broken the Rule of Thirds more than once with excellent effects.

In this example of the Pemaquid Lighthouse in Central Maine, I was in time just after a night of snowfall and the sun just started to come out from behind the clouds. The sky had not cleared completely and there were some fantastic cloud formation.

With a wide angle lens I positioned the lighthouse in the lower fifth of the frame dedicating the majority of the composition to the rising clouds. Since I was shooting directly into the direction of the sun, I had to wait till the clouds provided some cover.

When I compared this image to the others I captured keeping the Rule of the Thirds, I found this one to be much more exciting than the rest.

What do you think about this composition and breaking the Rule of Thirds?

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