Upcoming Photo eBook – Creative Tips for Rocky Coastal Photography


Update: The Creative Tips for Rocky Coastal Photography ebook is now available for download on the eBook page.

Since I published the Photo Locations of Southern Maine ebook for photographers and tourists, the most frequent question I have been asked is “How did you shoot that scene?”. I have responded to numerous emails explaining how a specific image was photographed.

And now I think its time to publish another ebook explaining the various tips and techniques I use to create my images. It will soon be up on the eBook page, titled “Creative Ways in Photographing Rocky Coasts“.

Among a lot of other topics, the “Creative Ways in Photographing Rocky Coasts” ebook will mainly cover:

  • various ways to position your camera
  • creative usage of various filters
  • creative ways of using flash
  • creative effects of shutter speeds
  • creative composition tips
  • how to photograph during sunrises and sunsets etc

I am working on the copy right now and I hopefully I shall be able to publish the “Creative Ways in Photographing Rocky Coasts” ebook by August 2014. This will be a good companion guide to my eBook “Photo Locations in Southern Maine“.

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